Double Deckers & Havana

wp-1488722442146.jpgOutside of Double Decker with their authentic bus you can eat inside. The restaurant and cigar bar are both within Mihama American Village.wp-1488722437954.jpgThe well stocked bar at Double Decker, good whiskey selection.

wp-1488722447039.jpgGapao Rice from Double Deckers. A blend of chicken, peppers, basil, rice and an egg. A delicious combination. The menu had a wide variety of Southeast Asian Cuisine.

wp-1488722742683.jpgLast stop was at Havana, a small cigar/cocktail bar. The cigars are imported straight from Cuba with a wide variety of boldness and flavors. We paired ours with a glass of Johnny Walker’s Blue Label. The owner of the bar came out to greet us with a set of cigars. He clipped them right in front of us then light them with a butane torch. I haven’t ventured much into the cigar world but out of the several dozen I have smoked, the Cuban has topped the list. Now that America has started to import them I highly recommend relaxing with a few good friends and enjoying a smoke.

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