Leaving my recruiters office when I found out that I had been accepted into the Marine Corps firefighting program I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had thought about becoming a firefighter when I was younger but I wasn’t sure it was what I wanted to do in the military. Going through the fire academy was an life changing experience and gave me direction in my life. Throughout my career I responded to various calls from aircraft crashes to medical calls. Being a slower operating fire department we have more time to train and play out different scenarios. These pictures consist of tactics we use to fight fuel fires in an aircraft based scenario. We dump several hundred gallons of fuel into a pit then set it on fire. Two crews with handles will go in extinguishing the fire and proper safety measures. Firefighters have a special camaraderie between them that isn’t shared between any other group of people. Working 48-72 hours at a time together brings us together. Capturing photos of the fires was hard due to the extreme heat and the affect it had on the camera.wp-1488720856138.jpgwp-1488720872608.jpgwp-1488720890161.jpgwp-1488720908456.jpg

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