Okinawa American Village

American Village is a large outdoor shopping dining experience. There is something for everyone somewhere within the village. Touring around I found the SEGA store that has arcade games and pinocchio slots. There was shopping from solo clothing brands to designer and unique. I’ve dined at Bollywood Jewel and Yakiniku (upstairs from Bollywood) both had exceptional service and food. Yakiniku is an all you can eat grill your own meat, I enjoyed their rib steaks and kimchi. Eating there our group had a small private room with our own grill. Bollywood was some of the best curry I have ever had, even though I am new to the curry scene. I ordered the Bollywood Deluxe which comes with a bowl of curry, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Achaari and a giant piece Naan bread. I recommend for the bowl of curry to go with Chicken Tikka Masala with a spice level of 6. Next time visiting I want to ride the ferris wheel they have and take some picture from up top. Tomorrow I will be visiting an observation point and going to Shurijo Castle. See y’all for now, tomorrow will be a new adventure.

P.S. Forgot to mention the habu sake that comes from Okinawa only, the habu is a venomous snake in the pit viper family. Okinawans mix the awamori then have special process for preserving the snake to be able to be bottled. The awamori is a rice distilled alcohol that taste similar to a dry sake. Good Habu sake doesn’t come cheap though in United States dollars that bottle in the picture below is a little less than $680


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